Welcome Promo Distributors!

Thanks for visiting the Wood Stickers promo page.  Here you’ll find everything you need to effectively pitch and close Wood Stickers to your end users.  Please read through this information and let us know if you have any further questions.  We’re looking forward to working with you! 

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Critical Information

We want to help you sell lots of Wood Stickers!  Here’s all of the most important stuff you need to know.  These are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we get from distributors, so please start here.


Product Features

Wood Types

We offer Wood Stickers in two different wood veneers: maple is a lighter blonde wood and cherry is a deep rich red color.  There is no difference in price between the two.  We suggest a 50/50 split on your order.

Made in the USA

Wood Stickers are proudly fabricated, packaged and shipped from our production facility in Denver, Colorado.


Wood Stickers are made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified sustainable tree farms.  The product is fully biodegradable and most of our packaging and shipping materials are made from recycled post-consumer waste.


The wood veneer is thin enough to bend and flex around water bottles, travel mugs, or any other curved surface.

Dishwasher Safe

Yes really!  We spray our product with a proprietary clear coat that leaves a natural wood feel but also makes Wood Stickers moisture resistant.  So go ahead and stick them on drinkware for a very cool look.  We recommend the top rack.

Weather Resistant

Our clear coat spray also protects against UV damage, so this product will work anywhere outdoors – even on cars!

Strong Adhesive

We use a high quality 3M adhesive backer for Wood Stickers.  It’s right in the sweet spot: won’t peel off on it’s own, but is easily removed without marring painted surfaces or leaving a residue.


Common Questions


"What is the minimum order?"

The minimum order quantity is 50 total Wood Stickers.

"Can I Get a Price Quote?"

Our prices and bulk price breaks are clearly laid out on the Distributor Info Sheet.  Unfortunately we cannot discount unless the listed quantities are aligned.

"Can I get custom packaging?"

We never say never regarding custom packaging, however in most cases it is not cost efficient or timely.  We review each custom packaging request individually.  Unless you’re planning to order very large quantities and have plenty of lead time for us to design and print the new custom packages, this is probably not a great option.

"What is the size of the product?"

Each sticker’s dimensions will vary a bit depending on the shape, but typically it will be about three inches wide.  We standardize the size so we can standardize your net price.  When we send your virtuals, we’ll have exact dimensions for you.

We strongly suggest you sell the standard sizing to your end users – it fits in the packaging and it’s also “cell phone friendly” which is where wood stickers end up most often.  If they insist on significantly larger stickers, please let us know so we can work up custom pricing.

"How soon can we get those?"

We always appreciate plenty of heads up, but if you’re in a rush we can fabricate, package and ship out any order under 1,000qty within three to five business days.  Generally we try our best to work with your deadlines – just let us know when you need them by.  We’ll look at the production calendar and figure it out!

"Will you put them on ______?"

Typically no, but we review these requests on a case-by-case basis.  The biggest challenge for us is sourcing whatever product you want us to put the wood stickers on… so if you can get those travel mugs, phone cases, etc. over to us, your chances are looking better.

"Can you ship international?"

Canada is no problem.  Everywhere else, let’s chat and we’ll figure it out.



Downloadable and printable documents and links to other helpful resources

  • Distributor Information Sheet
    Here you’ll find all the most important details for distributors, including net pricing breakdowns by order quantity.
  • End User Sell Sheet
    This is a downloadable/printable sell sheet that you can use in your sales presentations.  It doesn’t have any identifying info about Dust City on there and it also includes a coded pricing breakdown by order quantity.
  • Wood Sticker Images
    Feel free to download and use these product images in your presentations or emails.
  • Sample Pack Request Form
    If you would like to order a pack of 16 Wood Stickers with assorted logo designs for just $30, click here to enter your request and we’ll get them out to you asap.

Samples and Virtuals

Here are details on how to get your hands on samples and virtuals for your sales presentations



We can turn around photorealistic virtuals very quickly – in less than 24 hours in most cases.  Please make sure the art meets the requirements listed below and we’ll get that virtual back to you asap.

Art Requirements

Having the right digital art file to work with makes all the difference.  Wherever possible, please send art as one color vector files (a vectorized PDF, .ai or .eps – any of those work).  If a vector file is not available, please send us the highest resolution image (.jpg) you’ve got and we’ll take a look.

Assorted Sample Pack

We offer a sample pack of 16 assorted designs and wood types for you to use in your sales presentations or mailers.  We’ve deeply discounted off the net price: just $30.  This fee is refunded upon placing your first order with us.  Click here to fill out the Sample Pack Request Form.

Spec Samples

Once we’ve received the artwork and have created a virtual, if you would like spec samples, we’ll send you a pack of 8 for just $20.  This fee is refunded if you place an order for the design in question.  Please allow 1 to 2 business days for us to get your spec samples fabricated, packaged and shipped.  Thanks.


Key Selling Points

Close that deal with these key selling points

More Impressions

Sure, you could get a lot more vinyl stickers for the same price… but are you just buying garbage?  Our research shows that nearly 90% of all branded vinyl stickers never get used.  They either end up in the dreaded “sticker drawer” or worse, go straight to a landfill.  Wood Stickers are unique, and they get stuck on something which means more brand impressions.  If you compare the actual cost per impression, Wood Stickers are quite the bargain.

A Unique New Product

And once that Wood Sticker is on the phone, water bottle, laptop, etc. it not only increases brand impressions but also sparks a conversation about the brand due to the uniqueness of the product.  Brands get to align themselves with an innovative new thing and piggyback on the excitement the product itself generates.  For example…

“Hey that’s really cool, is it real wood?”

“Yeah come check it out!  I got it from XYZ Corp at a conference last week.”

It happens all the time.  Hand out branded wood stickers as a promotional item and watch the buzz start to swirl.  Or give them to your loyal employees and see how they proudly show off their new token of team spirit.  Wood Stickers will turn heads, directing more awareness and interest to your brand.

Alternative to Imprinting

Tired of the same old options for imprinting on your promotional products?  Put a Wood Sticker on it instead!  They’re flexible and dishwasher safe, meaning it’s a great option for drinkware imprinting.  It’s also a great addition to notebooks and binders.  We’ve even done Wood Stickers as the imprinting for employee recognition awards.  You’re only limited by our own imagination.

Fast Lead Times

We fabricate every Wood Sticker order as they come in, but we employ Lean Manufacturing Methodologies to keep fabrication lead times as low as they can possibly be.  For every order under 1,000qty we fabricate, finish, package and ship your Wood Stickers within 3 to 5 business days upon receiving the order.  For larger quantities we have a very flexible and rapidly scalable production capacity.  So if you’re in a pinch and need something quick, let us know and we’ll make it happen for you.

Order Tips

Things to remember when entering a wood sticker order (please review – it’ll save us all some time).

If you have any questions whatsoever about an order, please call us at 303.997.4961

Required Information

Please be sure to include everything on this list in your order so we can get it into our system quickly.

  • Your name
  • Distributor company name
  • Distributor company billing/shipping addresses
  • Main point of contact phone
  • Main point of contact email
  • Purchase order number
  • Exact quantity and wood type preference
  • Description of design (XYZ Corp’s logo)
  • Blind ship or direct ship?
  • Your shipping account number
  • Requested ship and/or in-hands date
  • Where to send the invoice (email is preferred)

IMPORTANT NOTE – if you want to pay by credit card, DO NOT send your sensitive financial information over to us!  Just let us know, and we’ll send an email where you can pay securely online when we ship the order.

Order Entry Do’s and Don’ts

  • Every order must be in writing and sent via email to so that we have a record of when it was sent as well as any critical details related to the order.  Phone orders will be instructed to send us an email before we proceed with fabrication.
  • If there is a tight turn on the order, please make sure you’ve confirmed with us before sending over the request.  Discussing a rush order after the PO has already been sent just slows down the whole process when we need to be hustling out your order.
  • If you’ve previously ordered a Sample Pack or Spec Samples, please indicate that so we can be sure to rebate the cost.  We have measures in place to check for that, but if you know you got samples that led to a sale we always appreciate a heads up.
  • Always be sure to indicate what wood type you want us to fabricate with.  Your options are all cherry, all maple or a 50/50 split (there is no difference in cost).  If no preference is stated, we default to a 50/50 split.
  • If you have any other questions regarding placing an order, please don’t hesitate to call us at 303.997.4961

Dust City Policies

All the critical promotional industry policies for your reference

Art Policy

There is no setup charge for custom art provided you send over a workable file.  Please send us the art as a one color vector and we’ll convert it to a Wood Sticker free of charge.  If a vector file isn’t available, we request the highest resolution image file you have.  Any project requiring significant work by our art department will be subject to a flat $80 fee per design.

Sample Packs

If you need assorted Wood Sticker samples to show to you accounts, we’ll send you 16 in both wood types for just $30.  This cost will be refunded upon placing your first order with us.

Spec Samples

If you would like spec samples fabricated for your account, we’ll ship 8 in both wood type for just $20.

Production Capacity and Lead Time

We currently allocate 5,000qty Wood Stickers per week from our total production capacity for the promotional products industry.  This amount is flexible under certain circumstances.

Our commitment is to fabricate and ship every order under 1,000qty within three to five business days.  If you have an order over 1,000qty, please contact us so we can discuss when you need them by and work it into our production calendar.  We’re happy to work within the timelines presented wherever possible and want to help you sell more Wood Stickers.

Shipping Policy

The distributor is responsible for all shipping costs.  Please be sure to send us your FedEx or UPS account number so we can process and ship on time.  Thank you.

We are happy to blind ship directly to your end user.  Please indicate if the order is being blind shipped to them or if we should send it directly to you.

Payment Terms

Dust City offers all promotional distributors NET30 payment terms by default.  If you require other terms, please contact us ahead of placing a purchase order so we can discuss.